Monday, December 26, 2011

The $100 Dilemma

First of all, happy day after Christmas. I am going to go out on a branch here and say this past Christmas was my favorite! Baby E was at the perfect age and loved every single one of her gifts, I got to see everyone who is near and dear to my heart, I ate more food than I should have, and best of all, it snowed on Christmas day!! I hope everyone reading this had a wonderful weekend and got everything they hoped for this holiday season. Now on to my dilemma.

For Christmas I received a $100 dollar bill. Yahoo! One hundred dollars to spend on me, myself, and I. Sounds pretty easy right? Wrong! You know when I first opened it, I thought groceries, or maybe a Sam's Club card L.A.M.E. I know!! But then I thought, no, I am going to spend this money on something for me, all me. But what? I am toying with a few ideas, but none really stand out as a must have.

Here are things I am toying with:

1) A new pair of Dansko's (kind of lame),
2) Paint and a new light for the kitchen (but is that really for ME?),
3) A new camera lens (but do I really need another lens),
4) Shades for E's room (wait, that's not for me),
5) Christmas decorations that are probably on Clearance (and who exactly would that be for?)
6) A Sam's Club Membership (errr, read above),
7) A new purse (Amy, you already have 1,548 purses, 1,546 of them you never use),
8) A grill insert for the Jeep (not something I can really use, it will just look super cool to that one person, other than me who will notice),
9) New framed prints for the living room (for living room which is not ME)
10) Oil Change and gas for the car (okay, this is getting ridiculous).

As you can see this seemingly thoughtful gift is wreaking havoc in my brain. Why is it so hard for me to spend $100 on myself? Don't get me wrong, I am sure I will have no problem spending this money, two minutes inTarget and I assure you, the $100 and probably a little more will be spent - BUT will it all be spent on ME.

I am going to throw it out there: What would you spend if you have $100 to spend on YOURSELF??


  1. you should go and get a massage and manicure :)

  2. Why don't you get yourself a new updated 21st century phone with all the bells and whistles?

  3. amy its YOUR LIVING ROOM its all you....go for the updates you can look at them every day other stuff comes and goes...if I had 100 it would be frames and a living room up do

  4. i would have no problem spending $100 on myself. give me 20 minutes in a barnes & noble. books...i always have books i want...or books i don't know i want until i see them and have cash in hand.

  5. I would suggest the lens. We always go with new lenses...

  6. Did you spend it yet? All the other options already offered are good. I, too, got $100. It is sitting on my reading table, a simple check, a piece of paper, really, just waiting to become something. Something special, I gather, otherwise I would have already spent it. I am going to make mine grow for that special day. I am going to add to it on a weekly basis, until I am ready to make a jump that requires LOTS of cashola. Even though my weekly additions to the pot will seem minuscule, especially for a dream I as of yet am unable to verbalize, I have to have faith that it is the right thing to do. I will want to know what you did with yours. Waiting to here from you. Carolina


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