Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rick & Tessa - Family Session

Back in December I posted on facebook and on this blog about a Free Photography Giveaway.  I wanted to give away a free session to someone who would never hire someone to take their pictures or could never afford to have them done. I was shocked when I received eight truly heartwarming nominations - WOW! I was thinking I would get one... maybe three if my Mom nominated herself twice - hehe, just kidding Mom. But there was one that really pulled at my heart stings and had me at "He is a single Dad to a beautiful young girl" This nomination came from Jenn and I knew right away this was the one! To read Jenn's nomination click here.

On Father's Day, I traveled to the home of Rick and Tessa. Rick lost his wife, Tessa's mother, just three short years ago to cancer. Rick is a single Dad, and from what I could see in just two hours, is doing an amazing job. He is raising a spunky, independent, warm, friendly and incredibly funny little lady. I had so much fun getting to know both Tessa and Rick, it truly was an honor to be able to photograph these two together.

Here are a few of my favorites from the day!

I love the flare captured in this picture.


I don't know exactly what it is about this photograph, but it is my favorite one of the day!

I saw this car when I was photographing Tessa, I asked her to stand next to it. She squealed and said "No WAY!!", surprised I asked "why not?", she exclaimed that Woodchuck lived under it! YIKES!
So when Dad came out, I asked about the validity of the 'woodchuck claim' and was pleasantly surprised when I was informed that little problem had been "taken care of a while ago" YES!

Woodchuck - 0, Photographer - 1

I am so glad I doubled back to the car, because I was able to get these!

Move over Tessa, it's Daddy's turn!

I don't care who you are - this picture is AWESOME!

Rick, thank you so much for welcoming me into your home and letting me photograph you and your daughter. You are raising one remarkable young lady, who loves you to the moon and back.

Happy Tuesday!

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